Internship for students

As part of an internship lasting several weeks, we regularly offer preparatory or accompanying insights into plastics processing for the mechanical engineering / medical technology departments.

We are looking for committed students (male / female) who would like to support our team for the duration of the internship.

We mediate in the following areas of activity:

  • Knowledge of the possibilities of plastics processing and processing
  • Easy identification of types of plastic
  • Processing of semi-finished products
  • Manufacture of company-specific plastic products
  • Basic skills in material processing:
  • Measure, scribe, file, deburr, saw, drill, cut, grind, polish, glue, rework
  • Knowledge of mold making
  • Handling, setting up and starting up the plastics processing machines to be used for the production of plastic products
  • Use of computerized systems

Would you like to contact us?

Please send us your documents for a study internship - we look forward to hearing from you!