Manufacturing & Technology

5-axis milling technology

Technologically, we work with the most modern computer-aided machines. Our 5-axis CNC machining center should be mentioned here. It is used for high-speed machining of thermoformed workpieces and composite materials. In addition, she is able to create or edit 3-dimensional objects. Our Tempering furnace enables us to process large format panels of 3050 x 2050 mm. This furnace, specially designed for our requirements, has a usable area of ​​3.7 x 2.7 x 2.1 m. Workpieces can be heated and deformed up to a temperature range of 250 degrees. Our laser cutting system produces high quality individual or series parts from acrylic glass XT or GS up to a size of 3050 x 2050 mm in the shortest possible time.

Plastic blank

Regardless of whether you are a shop fitter or a supplier for large-scale industry - we manufacture high-quality plastic materials for you up to a size of 4000 mm. We are the right partner for every industry in which high-quality plastic products are used. We create an effective combination of modern technology and precision craftsmanship. Processing techniques such as bending, joining, milling, edging or lasering of technical parts and ultimately the joining of different components create customer-specific end products.


Plastic can be milled extremely well. Milled parts can therefore be manufactured precisely and inexpensively, especially in the case of larger quantities, e.g. for panes, components, covers or lettering.


The following products, for example, can be produced by bending: Poster stands, bags, L-angles and U-angles, housings, covers, stands


Contours can be produced in a very short time in high quality with clear edge formation, e.g. for letters, etc.


Is the basis for any further processing, also as a bevel cut or miter cut


Give entrance signs the right touch.


Gives the edges shine and transparency.

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