3D lettering acrylic glass

Three-dimensional lettering made of plastic

We manufacture Fully acrylic glass lettering, optionally also with effect foiling and in different colors.

We develop and manufacture plastic lettering from acrylic glass and other plastics:

  • Letter size: 20mm - 2500mm
  • Execution: flat or at a distance
  • Illuminated (LED) or not illuminated
  • As a wall or standing object
  • Use: outdoor or indoor use. Facade lettering, shopfitting, shops, trade fairs, events, decorative letters

Plastic lettering for every occasion

The desired shapes and characters are milled out of full acrylic glass on our 5-axis milling machine. Then the 3D illuminated letters with the corresponding LEDs.
Fully acrylic glass, lasered or milled, with embedded high-performance LEDs on the back. The standard light color is white. The letter can be colored by using translucent (translucent) foils, paintwork according to RAL or colored acrylic glass. The combination of light and color makes your letters glow in a particularly colorful way.

Einsatzgebiete von Acrylglas Schriftzügen

Difference between 3D lettering and lettering

There are many 3D letters on the Internet as stand-up or for wall mounting. Lettering like the one we make is less common. Custom-made lettering is more complex than individual letters (which can be produced "in advance"). 

Lettering must be "set" so that they later result in a coherent lettering. 3D letters, on the other hand, stand individually or have to be attached individually.  

Our lettering is digitally modeled individually according to your specifications and then milled out of "solid material" using a 5-axis CNC machine. The end product is therefore a coherent plastic lettering or emblem.

Shopping guide - quick check - guide for your order!

The price calculation is as individual as your 3D letters / logo / lettering / numbers are. This depends on various factors, such as the material, material thickness, size and any surface finishes.

In the area of ​​non-illuminated letters, you can choose between all of the above materials. Illuminated letters are made from full acrylic glass with inserted LEDs. PLEXIGLAS® as Alu-DIBOND® and PVC rigid foam are among the covering materials. They can be made to glow with spotlights!

Plan (with double-sided, self-adhesive tape) or at a distance with spacers (click system)

The most common color of all the plastics listed is white. Acrylic glass letters can easily be delivered in different standard colors and transparent (colorless). In addition to acrylic glass (brand name PLEXIGLAS®), colored plastics (Alu-DIBOND® or PVC rigid foam) are also used for letters. All listed materials can be foiled or painted.

All of the materials listed can be used both indoors and outdoors and are UV-resistant.

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