Laser engraving / embedding

Engrave plastic surfaces

Laser marking and engraving offer endless possibilities for marking and marking of acrylic glass. The laser uses light energy to remove the material (engraving) or optically change the surface (marking). Light hits the surface of the workpiece with energy and without mechanical contact and enables a high-quality optical effect.

For the refinement of materials or reliable identification, especially small runs can be engraved inexpensively and in high quality with the laser.

Laser engravings are permanent, noble and indispensable for representative appearances or industrial applications. Acrylic glass is processed into contemporary products with a high practical value.

Components up to a height of 400 mm can be processed, the maximum engraving area is 1600 x 1000 mm.

Plexiglas® engravings & embeddings

Our offer includes engraving products and services in the fine milling area, such as for:

Awards, presents, employee awards, key rings, pictures, etc. Engravings create high-quality options for personalization.

Provide a different type of finishing Embeddings in plexiglass® represent. These will handcrafted and can be made according to your wishes in different sizes and shapes getting produced. The inclusion of individual materials makes them permanent protected and received the visual finishing touches.

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