Acrylic glass boat panes

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Acrylic glass panes for boats and yachts

Boats and yachts are often used Plastic washers fitted. Acrylic glass and in particular are used Polycarbonate. These plastics, although somewhat different in detail, have one thing in common: they are particularly robust, unbreakable and light. 

Durability of acrylic sheets for boats and ships

Acrylic glass boat panes are resistant - but not unlimited. In particular, strong and long UV radiation (Mediterranean) attacks the plastic. 

In contrast, the panes are extremely break-proof and impact-resistant. The plastic is sensitive to some cleaning agents. Care should be taken when cleaning with cloths and rags. Sand on the disc can quickly draw streaks into the disc. It is better to rinse with water and clean without contact.

Manufacturer of acrylic glass for boat windows

There are different manufacturers of acrylic glass and plexiglass, which we use for the production of boat windows:

  • Röhm, formerly evonik (PLEXIGLAS®)
  • 3A composites®  (Perspex® Acrylic glass)
  • Makrolon® (Polycarbonate)
  • Sabik® (Polycarbonate)
  • Arlaplast® (Polycarbonate)

The difficulty in making boat panes is, among other things, finding the right color so that the replacement pane matches the other panes in color. 

Acrylic glass is available in over 100 colors - but not necessarily in every thickness! (basically everything is available, but rare colors in rare material thicknesses quickly become uneconomical and expensive)

Let us advise you on the color unit & thickness: 04421/306 11

Common shades for boats are: 

  • Colorless
  • Light gray (modern) 
  • Light brown (retro, older sailboats)

The thickness of the acrylic glass used depends on the place of use. If the pane is installed upright (90 ° angle) and is used e.g. for a small cabin boat, panes from 4mm are used. In the case of ocean-going ships, thicknesses of up to 20mm are used.

Panes that are installed at an angle on the deck and may even have to withstand tread weight must be designed to be correspondingly stronger. The thickness of the pane also depends on the edging, which may require a minimum size.

The service life of an acrylic glass pane depends in particular on the location of the ship (North Sea, Mediterranean Sea, under the roof) and how it is looked after. 

Boats that (temporarily) lie in the Mediterranean Sea have a significantly shorter lifespan with regard to the panes. In some cases, such panes are completely blind, torn or broken after just 7 years. 

Other discs are still very good even after 35 years. Especially when they were always treated with care. 

Yes - most manufacturers give a 10 year guarantee on the UV resistance of their lenses, in accordance with the DIN standard. 

Plastic boat windows are made of acrylic glass or polycarbonate. 

Acrylic glass is usually cheaper than polycarbonate (but see also point 1). Polycarbonate will especially used for high security requirements (more break-proof). 

The choice of colors and material thicknesses is much larger for acrylic glass than for polycarbonate (which is usually colorless / brown / gray, max. 10mm thick)


The LETO team draws on over 20 years of experience in the processing and assembly of acrylic glass in boat building. We have implemented projects in the area of ​​luxury yachts over 70m as well as projects in the area of ​​sailing and fishing boats. 


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