Decorative articles made of PLEXIGLAS®

Individual decoration made of acrylic glass

According to your requirements and wishes, we manufacture individual products from acrylic glass. The sheen of the acrylic glass material creates a subtle but impressive presence.

The transparent clarity of an acrylic glass object adds classic elegance to your representative rooms. The small pieces of furniture made of high-quality acrylic glass can be used in every furnishing style. Seasonal design objects (Christmas / Easter) for the living area or for outdoor use are particularly beautiful. In addition to custom-made products, we also offer series production in different variations, such as:

Printed surfaces (digital printing)

The digital printing technology behind acrylic glass is a novelty; Compared to other products in a resolution that is second to none! The depth effect due to the print behind glass and the brilliant luminosity of the colors are particularly impressive. When used for stand or wall objects, digital prints create a room atmosphere in no time at all and are as individual as the rooms they are supposed to beautify.

Frameless acrylic glass formats printed on the back create an inexhaustible possibility of emotional and visual messages through their individual presence. Primarily in the business customer area, you can achieve a high level of customer appeal through a variety of image formats. The use for shop systems, museums, bakeries or restaurants is worth mentioning here. Applications such as room dividers, kitchen back wall covers, shower walls, or simply as a decorative element result in completely new perspectives for private use.

Keychain made of acrylic glass

Why not use creative acrylic glass works as an individual gift or "give-away"? 

We have experience in the series production of individual acrylic glass works and mill or laser your desired objects from high-quality plastics at a low price. Let us advise you on this. 

Individual key rings for company celebrations, anniversaries or trade fairs

Whether it's a company anniversary, Christmas party, individual event or trade fair / major event - sometimes it's that certain something that your target group or employees will remember months later. Let us make you an uncomplicated offer for your project.

Do you need individual and target group-oriented solutions for your project?

Use and benefit from our special series production of individual key fobs in simple shapes!
You can reduce costs - we offer you the advantage of attractive pricing, i.e. with a If you order 200 trailers, we will grant you a one-time promotional price of 3%
on your order.

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