Boat discs for Mallorca

Practical example: Windows produced in Germany - installed in Spain

This year 2021 we received an inquiry from Spain from the island of Mallorca.

Johannes Pfaff and his wife, owners of the company "Mallorquin-Bikes“Needed new boat windows for a customer's boat.

Mr. Pfaff and his family work in Felanitz / Mallorca and offer adventurous Mallorca vacationers unique and unforgettable moments, such as:

Discover Mallorca on two wheels, tours & training with top bikes from BMW, Ducati, Honda, KTM ..., guided road tours, enduro training on forest and field paths with the latest motorcycles.

The company has also been running an official motorcycle workshop since mid-2016. All bikers on the island can now use the many years of experience that was gained in the maintenance and preparation of their own rental motorcycle fleet.

Restorations and conversions of individual motorcycles and boats

Johannes and Anke Pfaff and their team are also passionate boat restorers. A customer order - the restoration of a classic boat - brought Mr. Pfaff from far away Mallorca to us on the North Sea coast.

Johannes Pfaff explains how this came about as follows:

Perfect lines .. we could only achieve that with a selected partner .. the boat is hand-made .. so it was not easy to have new windows made .. despite the very good craftsmen in Mallorca .. we have ours after all Have to shift view to the north of Germany.

Further considerations from Mr. Pfaff were:

New windows .. and only then will the boat be really new .. that was our consideration.

After all, it's 30 years old .. and had to be completely rebuilt!

We received the first request from him via WhatsApp. This was further specified by email with sketches, measurements and photos. Several phone calls followed in which the circumstances, requirements, etc. were discussed.

Finally, after further replacement, the boat windows to be replaced made their way from Mallorca to Wilhelmshaven.

When the panes arrived in Wilhelmshaven, we noticed at the first sighting that they had thrown bubbles and dents over the years due to the action of the sun and other influences and had lost their original shape.

However, curved sample discs are required, otherwise the shape cannot be reproduced 1: 1 accordingly. The shapes are the basis for a perfectly replicated replacement lens. Existing waves or bumps can then also be seen in the replica.

Our conventional plan of taking the required dimensions and shapes from the delivered panes could no longer be implemented. So we had to think of something else:

Since the development of the panes (the outer shape / contour) was not affected by this problem, we finally designed a completely new shape. When this was finished, the developments (the panes as a flat element) were digitized and milled out.

Then it started Hot forming.

Hot forming or tempering is used, for example, for products for yacht and mechanical engineering or shopfitting, protective windows and cladding.

The fabric is stretched on the mold and then the milled straight plate is placed on the mold and thermoformed in our oven, which has been specially designed for our requirements.

It has an impressive usable space of 3.7 x 2.7 x 2.1 m, i.e. large format panels of 3 x 2 m can be processed and heated up to a temperature range of 250 degrees. After reaching a certain temperature and heating time, the material becomes soft and pliable and begins to adapt to its surface. In between, necessary readjustments are checked.


After several hours of cooling, the shape is finally milled. The CNC milling machine is programmed according to the specifications and creates workpieces with the highest precision. The highest quality is ensured through manual control and, if necessary, rework.

The panes of his hatch frames additionally ordered by Mr. Pfaff could also be manufactured and used after the frames had been reworked by removing any residual adhesive, sandblasting and anodizing the surface.

Now everything was ready! Boat windows and hatch frames including the samples were sent back to Mallorca.

Mr. Johannes Pfaff says:

.. the Mallorcan at the pier, when he hooked our boat from his crane, asked me first of all: "Where did you have these cockpit windows made?"

You did a great job.

Thank you 🙏

We will be back

We say:

Thank you very much for the trust and the opportunity to implement this project!

We were pleased to meet you, Mr. Pfaff.

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