About us

Andreas Fritzsching

Managing Director

Company name:LETO Kunststoff-Technik GmbH & Co. KG
Company headquartersHildesheimer Straße 1, 26384 Wilhelmshaven
Mission:The production, treatment and processing of quality products made of plastic, both for design-oriented objects and for technical constructions.

Plastic processing in all its facets

The combination of technology, function and design!

Leto Kunststoff-Technik is an owner-managed specialist company in the field of thermoplastic processing of plastics. Since 30 years we work for regional and international companies. The core business of what we do lies in the development, manufacture, marketing and sale of quality products made from sophisticated plastic materials, as well as design-oriented objects.

Our products can be used in many ways: in boat building, shop fitting, hotel and catering trade, for product presentations and in home decor.


Under the aspect of economic efficiency, we see ourselves as a competent partner who takes care of its customers in relation to orders and target groups. Appreciation, individuality, development and quality are what our team demands. It is our aim to convert both customer and service-oriented requirements into long-term customer loyalty. Therefore, the level of all operational activities is continuously developed and improved through the use of new technical innovations and training courses for our employees.

We consider flexibility in solutions, innovative and economical implementation of your projects to be a challenging task. Together we will be happy to turn your ideas into reality for you. Contact us!