Facade cladding made of acrylic glass

Facade cladding made of acrylic glass - an optical highlight!

The design options for facade elements play an important role in the
Architecture. Acrylic glass offers a wide range of colors, which enables various creations and a wide range of design uses.

The combination of functionality and design of the material gives the building a shiny, high-quality elegance.
This will also have been the reason why the company basis | d GmbH / Dresden
for the construction project: Leisniger Straße 18 in Dresden has decided to design a facade made of acrylic glass.

Different shades of blue convey a subtle colourfulness that makes the
Gives buildings a transparent, modern look.
In contrast to glass, acrylic glass has a high level of weather resistance, which guarantees optimal conditions for a long-term, timeless facade design. So it stays beautiful for many years. The excellent properties thus offer a wide range of possible uses.

Material thickness: 8 mm
Design: opaque / single-colored glossy / matt on one side

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